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Searching For Gold In Arizona

Arizona GOLD Prospecting has been going on for over 400 years. The search for GOLD in Arizona began with the Spaniards in the 1500's and has continued on up to the present day modern prospectors. The first Spaniard to search for GOLD in Arizona was Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. He led an expedition through Arizona in 1540 in search of fabulous riches rumored to be in the Seven Cities of Cibola. Coronado's expedition through present-day Arizona and New Mexico took place eighty years before the Mayflower and the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. Cabeza de Vaca, another great spanish explorer in the area, is rumored to have traveled through Arizona as well but complete documentation is unavailable as to his exact route going West out of mordern day Texas. Though the explorers had the chance to establish agricultural settlements, they failed to establish a permanent presence in this area. However the expedition did help pave the way for a succession of miners and missionaries over the next three centuries. Conversely, the first "American" settlers didn't appear in the area until the early 1800s. There are many mines and missions that still stand as reminders of Arizona's rich Spanish and GOLD mining heritage.

If you want to prospect for GOLD in Arizona the best place to start is to joing a local GOLD prospecting club. As a member you will receive legal access to claims where you can search for GOLD without having to worry about being on someone else's claim and being charged with mineral theft, which is a Class D Felony here in Arizona.

Other advantages of being a member of a local prospecting club, like the Arizona Association of Gold Prospectors, is you will be able to attend local meetings that will offer discussions on a variety of GOLD prospecting and related topics ranging from equipment, techniques, geology, hot spots to find GOLD, and local related GOLD prospecting events, to governmental mining and prospecting laws. It's always a friendly forum for those who are serious about GOLD prospecting and want to find out what's hot and what's not. If you want to learn more about Arizona Gold Prospecting then you should visit the AAGP at

AAGP Events For Fall 2016


October 22nd: AAGP Member Club GOLD Dig

Location: Wickenburg/Morristown, AZ USA

The AAGP Members Only GOLD Dig is where we go out as a group to prospect on one of the claims and exchange information on where the GOLD's being found so every participating member can benefit from the overall knowledge of the day's work. Unlike the Commercial Common Dig sponsored by the AAGP and the Paydirt Mining Company, the AAGP Club GOLD Dig allows only AAGP members to participate in an exploratory search of one of the club's claims to help facilitate future GOLD recovery by the participating members. All equipment will be furnished and used by each participating member and you get to keep all the GOLD you find.


November 12th: AAGP Commercial Common GOLD Dig

Location: Wickenburg/Morristown, AZ USA

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! That's what we are planning to find plenty of at the AAGP Commercial Common GOLD Dig! Every clean-up brings more GOLD and plenty of happy faces at the end of the day for the famous GOLD share split! The Commercial Common Dig, sponsored by the AAGP the premier club for commercial common digs and the Paydirt Mining Company, allows both AAGP members and non-members to participate in and help conduct a commercial placer GOLD mining operation that is designed to move extensive amounts of gravel material to facilitate GOLD recovery. All major equipment will be furnished at the site and shall include wet, and if needed dry, wash plants as well as a backhoe and loader for ease and quantity of material movement.


December 3rd: AAGP Christmas GOLD Dig Party

Location: Wickenburg/Morristown, AZ USA

The AAGP Members Christmas GOLD Dig is where we enjoy GREAT FOOD, FUN AND GOLD! That's what we are planning to have plenty of at the annual AAGP Members Christmas GOLD Dig! All members will participate in finding GOLD and having fun! Everyone gets to find GOLD on one of the club's claims! The AAGP Members Christmas GOLD Dig is sponsored by the AAGP to allows AAGP members to mingle and get to know their fellow members out on the claims. There will be lots of fun, food and GOLD!

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